Our ministries provide opportunities to build

strong relationships with God and people

who are at a similar life point.

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Women's Ministry: Women with a bigger purpose

This is the women’s wing created in November 2010 that aims at helping the women in the community get involved in psychological, emotional, financial and spiritual activities. This is to bring fruitfulness and fulfillment in the lives of the women.



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Men's Ministry: Together to make a great change in our soceity

Men’s Ministries has emerged to support men in their roles as husbands, fathers, and committed Christians. The duties of the Men’s Ministries coordinator for the local church include: … Encouraging and facilitating meaningful spiritual, mental, and emotional growth among the men of the church.



Children’s ministry: every child has a place to belong

Children’s ministry help our children have a foundation through which to live a life devoted to Jesus Christ. We guide them along a spiritual formation journey by teaching them the Word of God and helping them to navigate honest questions as they process personal doubts and discover how to make it through confusing and discouraging times.



Youths Ministry: build a strong and virtuous relationship with christ

To Inspire youths to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and overcome day-to-day live challenges so as to draw many others in our world today. Encouraging young people (whether they have professed a faith or not) to learn more about a given faith and to become more involved in spiritual life



Intercessory ministry: Opening the heavens with prayers

It is one of the fundamental ministries of the VisioCare. Made up of men and women who have resolved to set themselves apart to stand in the gap of prayers, they intercede on behalf of the members of the mission, the district, the city and even the whole nation.

They understand the times and the seasons and pray for the fulfillment of the vision and cry out to the Lord for his people and for the salvation of souls.



Evangelism Ministry: Wining souls for Christ

Evangelism ministry’s chief aim is to win converts to Christ. Our ministry will show you the ture love of Christ and why becoming a disciple of him will ameliorate your daily life. Our ministry is here to educate the lost and the community about Christ. We will guarantee a safe environment where you will have members you can trust and confide in.



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