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Our Vision

To build a community with strong Christian foundations, in which men and women who take refuge are saved by the love of Christ, restored in their dignity, equipped to fulfill their God given destinies.

Our Mission

To proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all Men, regardless of race, sex, tribes.
To disciple those who are won to Christ into maturity in Christ and committed members of the VIM,
Impact the community through civic actions (Providing basic supplies to the black community and the vulnerable in our community)
Encourage creativity, innovation, diversity, skills, and the understanding of culture for maximum impact in our community.
To provide refugees and immigrants from in need of social service referrals to appropriate agencies. ​

Our Core Values

Our Core Values: They are defined in the light of moral, ethical, doctrinal, and devotional considerations:

• Equality
• Respect
• Fairness
• Inclusion
• Care
• Openness
• Trust
• Excellence
• Performance
• Accountability
• Discipline
• Honoring God


Charting a course and staying the course is a huge challenge to many leaders, especially in an epoch that is confronted with increasingly complex ministerial, social, cultural, economic, technological, and global challenges. Leaders then need to be flexible, autonomous, collaborative, and adaptable if they are to deal with the exponential growth of information and ubiquitous change.

I have been blessed for over two decades to live a life of ministry that has been full and rich, it has afforded me opportunities I would never have anticipated or dreamed about. Especially that serving VIM this passed years as the visionary and senior pastor has provided an opportunity in which so many of the passions nurtured by God in my life over the years have found a place of convergence. I will always consider this opportunity to service as a gift from God. To God be all the praise and Honor!!

While it is true that COVID-19 has restricted how we live, work, learn and relax – often with unintended consequences. The job of navigating the team to deliver results continues to be my greatest responsibility.

As we look forward, I am more than excited with the vision of VIM. The vision of building a community with strong Christian foundations, whereby men and women who take refuge are saved by the love of Christ, restored in their dignity, equipped to fulfil their God given destinies. This platform tells this story. From the stakeholder’s input, the timeliness of their feedback. The informative contributions and reflections from different ministries add to bring relevance to our ministerial practices.

As you go through VIM’s life and story, our prayer for you is that you may be inspired by the Holy Spirit and avail yourself to be part of God’s story in order that you might be used in new and greater ways to advance the good news of the Kingdom of God.

Peace be with you,

Bishop Jerome Ebua

Meet The Staff

Pastor Vivian Ebua

Vice President VIM

Angela M. Atabe

VIM Treasurer

Eric A. Ayum


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