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2021 Annual Covention


It’s with great expectations and hope that the Overseer of the Jesus City Mission, Rev. Jérôme EBUA presents the « 9th Annual Convention edition, 2021 ».

In a world tested by the pandemic which continues to plague the nations with very harmful consequences, The Lord has chosen this summons to recall and equip His people for great works so that they may be the mouth and hand of GOD in a world in panic and instability.

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It is in this perspective that the people of GOD are solemnly summoned by the Lord to receive more Graces from GOD to go from glory to glory and impact as many people as possible at this end of time.

In order to become once again the salt of the earth and the light of the world as the Lord has declared to us, come and receive the graces and capacities of GOD which will help you to rediscover your call and to fulfill it in excellence and precision, with the program:

Content of the Convention


Everyday 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

These will be prophetic and inspired messages from the Men of God sent by heaven such as:


Everyday 10 am. to 12 am.

These will be prophetic and inspired messages from the Men of God sent by heaven such as:


These will take place on Saturday 27 November from 10 a.m. in favor of the most disadvantaged in order to fulfill the Word of the Lord …


Infoline : 650 680 224 – 699 138 170

Convention Programs

Food Rescue Mission

Food rescue missions to internally displaced people in the Cameroons as a result of the socio- political crisis in the Anglophone zone.
As part of our international Relief program, VIM in partnership with another Canadian charity donated about 1000 bags of rice to families.
This donation was personally supervised by VIM general overseer, bishop Jerome Awah.
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