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How Can You Be Part Of VIM

Giving & Volunteering

There are different ways you can give to VIM and help us to provide vulnerable and immigrant black with opportunities to improve their quality of life. You can volunteer your time, give financial support to our organization, or donate to the program of your choice.​

Why be part?

Since 2013, we’ve been making a difference in the lives of black and vulnerable and their families. And the generous support of our volunteers and donors has made the important work we do every day possible. From settlement advice to opportunities for community development, our cry is to continue to make a positive impact in the lives of many black people.

Give your time and services

We are always in need of volunteers. Our various program allows us to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to accommodate your schedule. Contact us at 647-556-1009 to find out how you can volunteer with us or complete and submit a Volunteer Application form available here.

Make a donation

It only takes a simple click to donate, but your financial support has a lasting impact on the communities we serve. No gift is too small.
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