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The anointing for the next level

Isaiah 10:27


For a little more than a week, Bishop Jerome EBUA has been sharing on several platforms the revelation he received from the Lord, which has become his burden for the people of God. A burden that he says was born from both observation and epiphany, just as the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah 18:1 instructing him to go to the potter’s house. While he was there he observed the potter working the clay and the message of the Lord was revealed to him. This is how the servant of God, Reverend Jerome, received from the Lord the message that he shared with God’s people.  

The will of God, revealed through scriptures, is that his people must multiply, grow and make progress. God never wanted his children to stay at the same level for too long in life, both spiritually and socially. In Deuteronomy 1:6-8, Moses reminds the Lord’s children in Israel of the call to move forward, and not to stay in the same place near the mountain where the Lord revealed himself to them. In Deuteronomy 1:11, he tells them, “May the Lord, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousandfold, and bless you as he has promised”, demonstrating God’s will for his people to proliferate. So it is obvious that God’s desire is for his people to be blessed and for his children to be upgraded. Yet, many Christians experience much stagnation in their lives. Many carry burdens and yokes from the Devil that impede them from progressing. 

The good news is that God says in verse 27 of Isaiah 10, that on that day (and that day is today) the burden of the enemy will be taken off the shoulders of his children and the yoke off their necks because the anointing shall break the yoke. Thus, we understand that the anointing is the element that God uses to free his children from the burdens and yokes of the enemy in order to enable them to go to the next level in life.  

The man of God presented four keys that will enable us to effectively prepare ourselves for the next level in life.

  1. The first key is found in 2 Corinthians 12:8-10 and consists of changing our perception of the difficult situations or trials we are going through. In this passage the Apostle Paul explains that he was experiencing a difficult situation, being afflicted in his body. Three times he prayed for God to deliver him from it, but God sagely answered him, “My grace is sufficient for you”. Apostle Paul then had the revelation that it is in weakness that he will be able to experience the maximum level of God’s power.
  2. The second key, Reverend Jerome explained, is found in answering the question; What is your motivation to move forward? The worst thing about the kingdom is not being prepared for the level of change that God wants to orchestrate in our lives. The way it works in the kingdom is that provision follows vision. In other words, you have to have a vision and be prepared for the level change in order for God to grant us the new skills that are vital to go to the next level. 
  3. God’s servant presented the third key which lies in this question;  what is the one thing that must die in your life? He elaborated on the fact that when God prunes us, very often it is painful but it is for our good. It is so that we can bear more fruit.
  4. He concluded by saying that the fourth key is to sow several things in our future. 
    1. The word of God: by making decrees in our lives based on what God has said. 
    2. Time and effort: As mentioned above, if the next level requires new skills I must sow time and effort to acquire them.  
    3. Financial resources: quite regularly when God appeared to someone in the Bible, he was asked to give an offering.

These rich moments of teaching and prophetic impartation ended with an anointing session for the next level where each faithful member having brought his bottle of olive oil. The Servant of God prayed according to the recommendations of the Lord to Moses in Exodus 30:22, in order to consecrate and anoint the oil. He then proceeded to do a succession of specific anointings: 

  • The face
    • representing the star and the glorious destiny of each believer. All the people whose stars had been manipulated received their deliverance. 
  • The head, 
    • symbolizing preeminence and superiority, the yoke of the enemy that kept many down in life was broken.  
  • The hands 
    • to bless the work of our hands and to experience productivity.   
  • The feet
    • he continued the anointing by activating the divine acceleration in the lives of the beloved with the feet
  • Finally, each worshiper voluntarily and generously brought a prophetic thanksgiving offering, and the envelopes were anointed so that God’s people could experience financial prosperity.

These intense moments of teaching, deliverance and prophetic revelation were punctuated by the sound of worship led by the JCM choir band. God’s people were greatly edified and blessed and avalanches of testimonies continue to follow to the glory of God!

We are greatly thankful to God for His servant who was not disobedient to the heavenly vision and was fully willing to be used by God to do good to his people. 

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