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Discover and build a strong everlasting relationship with God

Our Mission

To build a community with strong Christian foundations, in which men and women who take refuge are saved by the love of Christ, restored in their dignity, equipped to fulfill their God given destinies.

Our Aim

Impact the community through civic actions (Providing basic supplies to the needy and the vulnerable in our community.
Encourage creativity, innovation, diversity, skills, and understanding  for maximum impact in our community.

Our Vision

To proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all Men, regardless of race and  tribes.
To disciple those who are won to Christ into maturity in Christ and committed members of the VIM

Together We Make A Great Impact

Welcome to VisioCare Ministries! We are glad you are here; our mission is to unite you to God and to your purpose. We help you to grow and go forward to have Intimacy with God. At VisioCare, you can find meaningful connections, tools to grow in your faith, and opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Visiocare Ministries

Join us Sunday mornings as we gather To Worship.

Not in the Main Area and can’t attend one of our local services? Check out our live stream worship services, airing every Sunday at 11am.

Get Involved At VisioCare Ministries

Build A family with others in your stage of life.

Church is great, but don’t let the experience end when the service does. Our ministries meet in small groups outside of weekly services for fun activities, community service and group Bible discussions.



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VisioCare Welcome

(VWC): accompanying Black Africans and promoting living together

VWC aims at encouraging Africans from the Center, South, East and West, to arise and build a society based on the essential values of: respect, fairness, diversity and inclusion.
VWC aims at achieving this by bringing together Black Africans in their diversity and their talents, engaging them in promoting the spirit of living together, emphasizing the respect of diversity, as a basis and source that enriches and nourishes Unity, cohesion and social peace while promoting activities of intercultural exchange even through social networking.

Two specific goals of VWC:

• Accompanying Immigrant Black Africans to build an inclusive community.
• Creating a platform for information, training, dialogue and mutual support. A lot of Black Africans who are part of the minority community face problems of integration upon their arrival due not only to cultural differences but also to the lack of knowledge of the new environment in which they have come to make as home.