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Evangelism Ministry: Encouraging those who are still in the world to come to christ

Within Christianity, evangelism ministry is any ministry whose chief aim is to win converts to Christ. You need a personal relationship with God and to be a practicing Christian. Evangelicals have been mixed in their understanding of how this transformation is achieved. Many focus their energies on programs of Christian education and discipleship, believing that social change occurs primarily through the influence of changed individuals. Our ministries welcome anyone in hopes that they will find their love for Jesus Christ and agree to devote their life to him. The world is filled with sin but our ministry tries to revoke that sin more and more everyday. We strive to embrace a broad spectrum of societal issues that bring sin upon us daily. We want to shine light to this sin in order to overcome it. We reach out to those leading a life at sin to remind them how Jesus calls us to live.

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Shining light to sin in order to overcome it

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This ministry is the heart beat of the church. This department is in charge of the implementation of Evangelism, Discipleship and the missions. The organize the distribution of Evangelistic materials, partners with different publishers. Their Mandate is rooted in Matthew 28: 19-20.

In this ministry we will be talking about  how to become a true evangelist, how to evangelise and the importance of evangelism.


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